After School Activities for Kids

It’s always a good idea to enroll your kids in some after-school activities. It’s a great way for them to make friends, discover new hobbies, and also to get them away from the video games for a little while! What are some good extracurricular activities you can get your kids involved in? You’ll want to ask your child what they’re interested in and go from there, but here we’ll provide you with some popular recommendations.

Some popular after-school activities include dance lessons, a wide range of sports, arts and crafts, or even simple science experiments. The possibilities are almost limitless. You may have to give a few things a try to find out what your child enjoys doing.

Dance Lessons
Dancing has become a very popular activity for both girls and boys. There are probably a few studios in your area, so either call or visit and ask the instructors about their programs. Consider what type of dancing your child wants to learn, such as ballet or jazz. There’s a bit of a financial investment here, as you’ll have to pay for classes and most likely buy a leotard and/or shoes.

Sports can be an excellent and instructive hobby for your kids. They educate your child in teamwork, coordination, and (naturally) sportsmanship! Soccer is a great sport that many kids seem to enjoy. You could also enroll your child in Little League. For this, you can just Google the Little League website and find your local League. Martial arts are also a popular option, and there are many different types, from karate to Kempo to consider, so do your research! Make sure to provide your children with the proper footwear, depending on which sport they participate in.

Arts and Crafts
If your child is has creative abilities then arts and crafts can be a great activity for them to participate in. You could enroll your child in a class, such as a ceramics class for children, or try to make something together at home. Possibilities include collages, toothpick sculptures, or simply getting a canvas and paint and seeing what your child does with them!

Science Experiments
Science experiments which you can do at home can be a lot of fun for your kids. Classic experiments like making your own ice cream in a bag, floating eggs, or making a vinegar volcano are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face and yours. If it turns out that your kid is really interested in science, consider getting him or her involved in a local STEM program.

Music Lessons
Another great option is music lessons. Your child could begin to learn an instrument such as guitar or piano, or perhaps the violin or trumpet, depending on what they’re interested in. Music lessons can increase confidence and discipline, and music is just plain fun!

Some Other Suggestions
– Language Lessons (including sign language)
– Volunteering to help poor people
– Write a short story or a poem
– Play checkers or chess
– Visit an animal shelter or zoo
– Swimming Lessons
– Theater classes
– You can also check out the meetup website to see what’s going on in your area

Would you like to share with us some activities your children are involved in? If so, click here and send us your ideas.