Are You Considering Home-Schooling your Child?

During the past few decades many parents have become disillusioned with the traditional schooling school teaching methods and they have thought more about the possibilities of schooling their children in their home. In retrospect, home schooling has never been more popular than it currently is. This trickles down to the parent’s concerns about the falling educational standards as well as a noticeable increase in violence at many public schools in suburbia.

Home schooling however, used to be frowned down upon as many people would often conclude that home schooled children were anti-social and did not interact properly with other children. This is primarily because children that were home schooled did not have the same sort of view points on the world and perhaps were not as experienced or well-rounded in a basic society. This implies that when they eventually do come out of the comfort within their homes they get a bit of a culture shock.

However, there are certain great advantages that can result from home schooling. If you have a child who struggles or has a weakness in a subject, you have the opportunity to spend as much time as needed with them to help move them along within the subject at a pace both you and your child are comfortable with. Unfortunately, at traditional schools pupils are not afforded this luxury. In fact, there are fewer distractions all around for home schooled pupils, which mean they tend to focus better.

Home schooling sounds like a perfect solution but as with most things it also has certain disadvantages. As previously mentioned, home schooled children tend to refrain from socializing, and can often be distant from other children. They often have difficulty developing real friendships. This can have an effect when it comes time for them to out into the world to and search for careers and employment. It could make them less likely to be able to work with other people. In some studies, it can even affect their personal relationships as well.

Computers, especially the internet, if used properly can be an excellent means of teaching and a great learning tool for children. Even participating in computer games can be good thing if the games are educational and offer interactive tasks that can help develop a young persons thought process and different method of calculating. What we want to avoid are the mindless, addictive games and the time spent online on social media sites.

In the past, parents had to deal with telephone usage and television time. Now, it is much more complicated with cell phones, computers and the internet, iPads, iPhones and many other handheld devices. As a parent, you must be ahead of curve. You must make these gadgets work for you rather than against you.

Before you learn how to make use of the computer as a learning tool for your children, you must first learn how to control computer usage.

Home schooling is not for every parent either. Some people are just not suited to offer a sensible home schooling curriculum for their child. Other parents do not have the time or the patience. But that doesn’t me and they don’t want to provide their kids with the finest education possible but they may feel that a public school just can’t offer what they want. As an alternative, private schooling is often financially out of reach for most middle-class families, and even then, may not offer the best in terms of quality. The answer to this would be to take on a tutor.

When hiring a tutor it is advised to explore the availability of the kind of tutor you wish for your children. Connecting your child to the right tutor is the key element to getting the results your desire and to avoid the initial obstacles that can’t be seen. If your child can connect and relate to the tutor, you will get immediate results.

Searching for your child’s tutor can often be a simple task such as typing ‘homeschooling tutor’ into your web browser and if necessary completing a few online forms. When it comes to accepting a tutor, parents will need to be very thorough with their screening process when allowing a stranger to offer education for their child. However, with the rapid growth of internet forums, social networks, and other online options, acquiring trustworthy testimonials has become so much easier. Perhaps you can acquire one through word of mouth or referrals from family members or friends.

Many tutors even offer their services solely online, as they have access to interactive video software, skype, and other similar tools. This method has been proven to work well in a practical home schooling situation, as most homes schooled students are very motivated to learn. All they need are the proper resources and some guidance that an experienced tutor can offer.

Parents also need to take into consideration the cost of hiring a tutor. However, once all the actual costs are calculated, parents often discover that taking on a tutor is actually quite a modest cost option, and is much more obtainable than they would think.

Do you home school your children? Are you for it or against it? Tell us your thoughts and perhaps we can create an article based on your experiences.