Children, Parenting & Healthy Eating…

We all know that to maintain a healthy, vital lifestyle we have to have a balanced diet, frequently exercise and avoid negative choices like smoking, drinking, and drugs. The people who commit to a lifestyle of healthy nutrition, good hygiene, and physical fitness will usually continue these habits until the very end of their days. Here are the concepts on how you can better your and your child’s health just by changing a few small things

Just what is nutrition and how does it affect me?

Nutrition refers to the benefits we get out of our food. Nutritious foods give us correct levels of vitamins and minerals designed to promote growth, energize our bodies and let us perform at peak efficiency.

Three ways to develop healthy eating habits in your children

1: Variety-By using the food pyramid we find children need foods from every level of the pyramid. Lean meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, fiber, and dairy, are all important to give your child the complete diet he or she needs to grow up healthy.

2: Balance- Simply put eat something from every level of the pyramid do not neglect any level at all

3: Moderation-This is the easy one. Do not eat too much from any one group.

Is there a correlation between bad eating habits and low self-esteem?

Yes! Health experts agree that eating habits and self-image go hand in hand. Just look at the rise in Bulimia and Anorexia in today’s children especially teenage girls who are very conscious about how they appear to the outside world. This trend is even being noticed in children in the six to seven-year-old range.

Lead by example. If your children see you eating and living, healthy chances are they will follow in your footsteps. Just remember high self-esteem =healthy choices, Low self esteem=unhealthy choices.

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