Say it Through Your Kids Shoes…

Over the years, shoes have experienced quite a revolutionary change, from animal skins to leather to rubber, the list is endless. They are designed to suit people’s different personalities, style and also to match an outfit of choice. For kids, things are not much different. Manufacturers and designers have these precious little ones in mind when they get down to work. Kids are outgoing young people who’s footwear needs have to be met as often as possible. Every occasion needs to have a pair of its own. You definitely wouldn’t drive your child to soccer practice wearing tap dancing shoes, would you? Or dress them in soccer shoes at your aunt’s funeral? Absolutely not. This article is for the sole purpose of introducing some shoe style you probably didn’t have a clue about. It will also give you fantastic ideas about how to put your child’s wardrobe together using the shoes as the guiding factor.

Types of shoes…

  • Sneakers – Kids are known for their adventurous, curious and fun-loving nature. What better way to unleash their true characters than a pair (or two) of sneakers? Invest in more of these than any other type of footwear so your child can be comfortable. The prices vary depending on the shoe merchants and also the brands.
  • School shoes – Buy one that is strong and durably enough to last them 2 or more school years. Be sure to buy a size larger (or perhaps a half size, depending on your child’s age and growth rate)  so he/she won’t outgrow them too fast. Prices vary between retail stores and the sites online.
  • Boots – Are especially suitable for young boys and girls with feet that are still developing and are a bit too fragile. They can be worn on every and any occasion due to their comfortable design. Obviously they are great for winter to keep their feet warm and free of contact with rain and snow.
  • Beach sandals –  As the name suggests, these are for a quiet relaxation day at the beach or its environs. Your kids’ feet breathe through these sandals as they run around the beach. If you are planning a vacation, don’t forget to pack a pair of beach sandals.
  • Party shoes – For girls, they have shiny and sparkling details all round and come in an array of colors and designs. If you are taking your child to a birthday party, these shoes are the way to go. For boys, nice stylish dress shoes are easily to find in any retail store that sells kids shoes or online websites.



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My take, always make sure your children’s feet are dressed for the occasion. You will never regret it.

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